School trip to Cardiff


We met at 9:30am in front of Jean-Rostand high school. And we left for Cardiff at 10 on Monday 17th october. The first day the trip was agreable. There weren't any sick persons in the bus. We arrived at the port of Caen at 9pm. The name of the ferry was « Mont Saint Michel ». The next day we disembarked at around 8am.

The « Mont Saint Michel ».

            At lunchtime, we arrived in Cardiff. The same day we visited Cardiff castle. The group was separated in 4 groups because in the castle there are 4 buildings and/or activities. First there is the house of the marquess of Bute. The marquess had a lot of money and with this he constructed his castle. His castle is very original and extravagant because there are a lot of styles of architecture which are gathered. But the rest of the castle isn't like this because his appartment was constructed after the castle.


Next there was a big tower with a beautiful landscape. After this we saw a movie during 5min about the story of Cardiff castle. There weren't words so it was a little difficult to understand. We think that the castle has a wall which joins the door of the castle and the tower but this wall was destroyed during a battle. We visited "bunkers" in the castle too. It's a long corridor reinforced with not many windows. There were very small beds and they seemed not comfortable. The bunker is in fact the wall of the castle so it is all around the castle. To finish, in the basement there is a little museum on Cardiff. For example there are different objects of different periods. It was very interesting. Cardiff castle is free for residents of the city.


Once the different groups had finished, we had free time. The night arrived and we went to meet our family. I think that everyone had a good familly because I didn't hear complaints other than the food which wasn't very balanced.

            The next day we met with the rest of the class to go to the Assembly of Cardiff. The building had a very beautiful ceiling, it looks like a mushroom. We saw the room where the assembly is. We had a small lesson of dialect, the Welsh. The day where we went there, there was a conference on a catastrophe. 50Years ago, Cardiff had a terrible catastrophe. A school was destroyed and a lot of children and teachers died. It's because of miners who piled a lot of coal residues and during a period there was a lot of rain. The soil was transformed into mud. The mud flowed over the school. The men told us that next to the assembly there is « small Ben ». It is once again thanks to the marquess since he had a lot of money. In fact the city is like this, thanks to the marquess.


After this it was lunchtime. The afternoon we visited St Fagan's History Museum near Cardiff. We were free during this visit. There are two parts, one with a big garden and one other with houses of the time and farms. My group and me principally visited the garden and a few houses because we didn't have the time for this. In the museum there were 5 houses with one job in each of them. I just saw the upholsterer.

At the end of the day, we went to the seashore to have a walk along the beach. It was beautiful. It was very cool and very calm. I loved this and I think that I wasn't the only one. After we went to the family's.


The beach of Cardiff.

            The third day in Cardiff, we went to the Big Pit. It's a mine where there was a catastrophe. We were given a helmet with a light and a respirator if needed. We took a lift fto go down to 0,62 miles subterrenean. The man of the mine explained us the means of epoch to communicate in the mine. It was with the aid of two cables which producted a sound, the number of rings corresponded to a definite word. Futhermore there were sparks which formed and created sometimes explosions. It was because of in the rejection of gas made by the extracted coal. Then miners used canaries to know if there was gas, if there was gas the bird died and if not the bird stayed alive. In the mine there are a few doors that children opened when a horse came with coal. Children were 6years old, they didn't see anythings because there wasn't any light. They died very young because of the bites of rats and lack of food. The light was off and it was very strange because we didn't see anything, really anything. It's not like when you turn off the light in your bedroom and that you don't see during 1-2seconds. It was terrible. The life in the mine was not easy for the horses too because once they were down the mine, they never went back to the surface. Even when they died because it was too expensive.

We ate at the museum and we went to Caerphilly castle. The castle was very beautiful because it is constructed on a hill and it was surrounded by the river. It is a little ruin but there are some places to visite. It was beautiful too because there is a lot of greenery and it's located in the centre of the city. Then we went to the familly's for the last night.

We visited Stonehenge. It's very attractive because it's very strange. There are a few theories but we don't know the right one. In the same place there are ancient houses and an exibition Stonehenge. Inside the exibition, there was a projection concerning the « inside » of Stonehenge and objects related to it.

Then we went to Portmouth where we had free time. At 9pm we took the ferry. You think that the travel was finished ? Normally yes but not really. Our bus met a « little » difficulty to get into the boat. Then we spent 10 hours at the port in Ouistreham because our bus took the next ferry. It was long but we could walk on the beach.

We arrived in Strasbourg at 1:30am on Sunday. For me, this trip was REALLY GOOD !!!